What’s next, the running of the Reno bulls?

The Nevada city on Aug. 29 played host to an event made famous in the Spanish town of Bunol – a giant food fight, with fresh tomatoes serving as the sole projectile.

Reno runs red after tomato food fight

Courtesy The Produce Exchange

The event was born when the Cal Neva casino-hotel in Reno contacted grocery chain Scolari’s about supplying tomatoes for a recreation of the Bunol tomato fight, said Daniel O’Rourke, sales manager of Livermore, Calif.-based The Produce Exchange.

Scolari’s then contacted longtime supplier The Produce Exchange, which in turn called Westley, Calif.-based Delmar, O’Rourke said.

Delmar was game, O’Rourke said. When they found out it was for a good cause, they were downright enthusiastic.

“At first they said they’d sell the tomatoes at cost,” O’Rourke said. “When they learned that it was benefiting the American Cancer Society, they decided to donate them.”

Forty thousand pounds of them, to be exact, O’Rourke said. The cost to participate in the event, held in the Cal Neva parking lot, was $10.