Alain Routhier’s family has long been involved with the Canadian Produce Marketing Association.

Routhier, president of Montreal-based Courchesne Larose Ltd. and incoming chairman, follows in his uncle Jean Paul Routhier’s footsteps as he assumes his duties in May.

“Courchesne Larose Ltd. have been active members for many years and many generations,” he said. “CPMA’s work is critical to our members and our industry. I want to show my support and plan an active role.”

The elder Routhier served as chairman of CPMA in 1976. Alain Routhier is past chairman of the Quebec Produce Marketing Association, having held that position in 1998.

The coming year poses many challenges for the Canadian produce industry, Routhier said.

Foremost for Routhier involve reducing and minimizing the effect of government regulations on the industry, both as they relate to costs and impediments to trade.

Ensuring food safety without breaking the bank also is an important challenge to tackle, as is shoring up support for the CPMA’s new Fruits and Veggies - Mix it Up! program, which is the next generation of its 5 to 10 a Day program.

“We all need to get behind and support increasing the consumption of produce,” he said.

Routhier said he looks forward to traveling and meeting CPMA members in their regions and planning for the industry to visit his hometown in 2011.

“CPMA has a tremendous volunteer board and staff team,” he said. “They play an important role on behalf of all of those who have a part in the Canadian marketplace.”

Adrian Abbott marketing services manager of BC Tree Fruits Ltd., is outgoing chairman.

The Canadian Produce Marketing Association's annual convention and trade show is scheduled for May 12-14 in Vancouver. 


Routhier's CPMA role continues family tradition