(Feb. 9, 1:05 p.m.) Royal Rose LLC, Salinas, Calif., is including wine and salad pairings with its primary commodity radicchio as part of its Web site reorganization.

The site expansion is part of the company’s food pairing campaign including Valentine mailings sent out in January to food editors nationwide exploring how to match radicchio with wines and use in a variety of recipes.

“Radicchio has always been a product with a strong taste profile but it’s an item that once you understand what to do with it and how to manage the flavor pairing it makes sense,” Dennis Donohue, president of Royal Rose, said.

Donohue said the Valentine’s Day editorial promotion along with the wine pairing is a first for the company and part of its overall strategy to educate consumers about ways to enjoy radicchio.

The company expanded its Web site, www.radicchio.com, to include more recipes with radicchio and wine pairings, as well as tip on how to harness “radicchio’s bitter edge,” according to a news release. Customers can now also add their own recipes, tips and experiences with radicchio to the Royal Rose site.

Royal Rose is the largest grower of radicchio in the world and grows it year-round throughout the U.S. and Chile, according to company’s Web site.