(Dec. 18) Tanimura & Antle Inc., Salinas, Calif. did so well during the baseball season with its “Knock One out of the Park for Father’s Day” promotion that it’s taking a second time up to bat with its newest promotion, “Get a Head in the Game!”

Rick Antle, chief executive officer, said in a press release the company wanted to get both retailers and consumers motivated to consider iceberg lettuce for their football meals.

“Our Father’s Day baseball promotion last summer gave our retailers remarkable increases in their sales, and after a lot of years of the same old produce department, we’re creating excitement and innovation,” he said in the release. “That’s something we’re proud to lead the industry towards.”

The “Get a Head in the Game!” promotion features two different iceberg lettuce packages with football-themed designs and point-of-sale materials that retailers can use to generate consumer interest and cross-sell other products. One POS piece features recipes and meal ideas. Touchdown Taco Cups, Play Action Pizza, Sloppy Joe Footballs and a Bone Crunching Layered Salad are some ideas being promoted.

U.S. and Canadian retailers participating in the promotion include Albertsons, Ingles Markets, Jewel-Osco, MPG, Schnucks, Spartan Stores and Thrifty Stores, according to the release.