(June 23) The Western Growers Charitable Foundation, Irvine, Calif., the charitable arm of Western Growers, Irvine, has donated money from its Growing With Children school garden program, totaling $13,900, to 13 schools in California and Arizona.

The schools could receive up to $1,500, although the grant amounts were based upon what the individual schools applied for, said Celine Garcia, spokeswoman for Western Growers, adding that some requested less than $1,500.

The group raised the money, she said, adding that most of the money was donated by active members.

The participating schools will receive a check, garden tools, seeds, irrigation tape, a stone with the school’s name on it and printed materials that would help the schools get started, she said.

Harris Moran Seed Co., Modesto, Calif., donated the seeds, and T-Systems International Inc., San Diego, donated the irrigation tape, said Garcia.

One school had AmeriCorps volunteers come and help clear an area to put the garden, she said, adding that master gardeners and professional growers associated with Western Growers could come to the schools and help get the program started.

The purpose of the program, Garcia said, is to teach children that farming is an admirable profession. She said it’s important that the kids have an appreciation for the land.

She said the program was also created to help kids have a better appreciation of nutrition and what they eat. She said the foundation raised $7 million.


  • Los Angeles Leadership Academy, Los Angeles

  • Mission High School, San Francisco

  • Roosevelt Elementary School, Fresno, Calif.

  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Academy, Salinas, Calif.

  • Hanshaw Middle School, Modesto, Calif.

  • Oak Grove Elementary School, Aliso Viejo, Calif.

  • Andres Duarte Elementary School, Duarte, Calif.

  • Fairview Elementary School/Planz Elementary School, Bakersfield, Calif. (According to the news release, the schools applied jointly for the program and will share the $1,500 grant.)

  • Montgomery Elementary School, Davis, Calif.

  • May Grisham School, Orcutt, Calif.

  • John F. Kennedy Elementary, Phoenix

  • I.G. Conchos Elementary School, Phoenix