In a result that pleased farm lobbyists, Sen. Blanche Lincoln won a hotly contested primary battle June 8.

Lincoln, D-Ark., chairwoman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, won her primary battle against Democratic challenger Lt. Gov. Bill Halter by a margin of 52% to 48%.

“It is great news for farmers,” said Tara Smith, lobbyist for the American Farm Bureau Federation, Washington, D.C. “She has been one the most aggressive advocates for agriculture we have and the thought of losing her was a big concern.”

Smith said the Lincoln-Halter battle far overshadowed any other primary contest June 8.

Lincoln is likely to begin a series of four farm bill hearings at the end of the month, she said.

Smith said it was unclear when Congress will act on child nutrition reauthorization and food safety legislation.

In other primary contests for Capitol Hill offices, Republican Carly Fiorina emerged as the November opponent to California Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer. Republican Sharron Angle won the Nevada primary battle for the U.S. Senate. Angle will face Senate Democratic Harry Reid this fall.

Senate Ag leader wins primary challenge