Trey Foshee, executive chef and owner of George’s at the Cove restaurant in La Jolla, Calif., has myriad reasons for using avocados in a host of menu selections.

“For me personally, their health benefits are a big plus,” he said.

“For the restaurant, it’s a way of adding a richness and a creaminess to a dish without adding a lot of bad fat. They’re super easy to work with.”

Foshee prefers hass avocados because they tend to offer consistent quality, and they are the most widely grown variety. Occasionally, he’ll experiment with other kinds during their limited windows of availability.

He orders preripened avocados because there’s not much space where they can sit and ripen at the restaurant.

Deliveries of 36-count avocados arrive daily, and Foshee tries to use them as soon as possible.

Located in prime avocado country in Southern California, the restaurant has a lot of vegetarian guests, and avocados seem to be a staple in most vegetarian diets, Foshee said.

He uses avocados on sandwiches, he dices them and tosses them into a seafood preparation, like a shrimp cocktail, and sometimes he even coats them with a beer batter and deep fries them. Occasionally, he grills some.

“They grill up really nice,” he said.

One of his most popular offerings is California avocado cheesecake with tomato-vanilla jam, which he created for the California Avocado Commission. He replaces half the cream cheese in the recipe with avocados.

“People in this country don’t think of avocados as a dessert item, like they do in other countries.”