SPRING HOPE, N.C. — Bobby Browder is vice president and sales director for Bissett Produce Co. Inc.

In the new position, Browder, who joined Bissett Aug. 1, manages the grower-shipper’s sales.

Browder previously worked in sales and logistics for Farm Trac, a division of Long Manufacturing Co. that produced agricultural equipment, tractors and tobacco curing barns.

“He has made a really profound difference in our operation,” said Daniel Bissett, Bissett’s president.

“He’s good on the financial arena, the profit center, as well as sales. You don’t always find those two points.”

Bissett said Browder’s logistics background is helping ensure Bissett’s consistency in shipments.

Browder represents the first non-Bissett family member to hold a vice president position in the operation, which the Bissett family started in 1973, Bissett said.

Browder comes from a North Carolina and South Carolina grains farming family.

“I love the sweet potato industry and the people you come into contact with,” he said. “It’s a very competitive industry but you make some really good friends.

“Compared to the other business I’ve been in, agricultural and automotive aftermarket, this industry seems to be much less of a cut-throat business.”