Pacific International adds small bags

Pacific International Marketing has begun packing smaller vegetable bags at its Gonzales, Calif., plant in response to retailers’ requests.

The sizes range from 3 to 7 ounces, said Henry Dill, sales manager.

“Whether it’s peppers, peas, brussels sprouts or a number of items, it’s a little smaller than conventional packaging and tries to address some niche markets,” Dill said. “A couple customers had specific needs for getting commodities in the store at a price level that makes it more competitive so they can move more volume.”

As of July 11, the small bags had been shipping for about two months.

Tanimura & Antle goes with pouches

California Lettuce & Leaf business updatesSalinas, Calif.-based Tanimura & Antle bagged the clamshell for its two-count Artisan romaine, opting instead for a stand-up pouch.

The two-count pouch has been shipping for about two months, said Diana McClean, marketing director.

“It’s been well received as a replacement to our clamshell pack,” she said. “The stand-up pouch is more consumer friendly, but it’s also fantastic for the product as far as presentation and shelf life.”

The pouch doesn’t limit product size as strictly as the clamshell.

“The bag gives us a little more flexibility on the size of head that we can fit in the bag,” McClean said. “We don’t have to trim it down if in fact the heads are larger at that time in the field.”

“The clamshell was taking up too much shelf space,” she said. “The stand-up pouch has better respiration and keeps the romaine fresher.”

Watsonville Produce adopts RedLine

Watsonville Produce Inc. has implemented RedLine Solutions’ PTI Lite product for the 2013 spinach season.

The system prompts entry of such data as brand owner, brand, product, source lot, and lot/batch number. It then previews the case label before printing.

The brand owner distinction is aimed, among other things, at helping companies that pack under multiple brands, as Watsonville Produce does. The idea is to avoid product confusion.

Printing can be done at field or other sites. PTI Lite does not require an Internet connection.

Watsonville Produce has facilities in Moss Landing, Calif., and Yuma, Ariz. It packs under the Muzzi Family Farms and Dominic’s labels and co-packs for a few large volume customers.