Boggiatto Produce offers 35-pound romaine hearts

Boggiatto Produce Inc., Salinas, Calif., is up-sizing romaine hearts, offering them in a 35-pound box for foodservice.

That has joined a list of shipping options including 20- and 25-pounders.

“The 25-pound is a jumbo romaine heart, and the 35 is a colossal,” said Michael Boggiatto, president. A customer requested the big pack almost a year ago.

“We went ahead and did that,” Boggiatto said. “It hasn’t moved out in the industry much except for that one customer, but we’re offering it. We think eventually it might be a fit for people who want a bit of a savings over the 25-pound box.”

Boggiatto Produce is in its 25th year in business.


LGMA taps member services coordinator

Amarachi Okemiri was named member services coordinator for the California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement in early July.

Before joining LGMA, she was a mayoral fellow at the office of Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson and Greenwise Joint Venture, a nonprofit organization. She supported the Farm to Fork Capital initiative, working with Sacramento County school districts to quantify their local food purchases and understand the challenges of buying local.

LGMA is based in Sacramento.

Besides her focus on member services, Okemiri will work with technical director Mike Villaneva on building the LGMATech Training Program.

She has a masters in business administration from the University of California, Davis, Graduate School of Management, plus a bachelors degree in biochemistry.


California Lettuce/Leaf business updatesDuda expects dip in California demand

Duda Farm Fresh Foods expects weather-delayed Eastern and regional lettuce deals to start making their presence felt.

“The regional programs will be starting strong next week so demand will be down for California product,” Rich Uchida, Western sales manager at Duda, said July 18.

Unusually warm days and nights in the Salinas Valley with higher humidity have pushed crops seven to 10 days ahead of schedule, Uchida said.

Quality is good and weights are heavier due to product being a little ahead as most growers are behind in harvesting, Uchida said.


Misionero to launch 3 SKUs at PMA Foodservice

Misionero Vegetables, Gonzales, Calif., plans to introduce three stock-keeping units at the Produce Marketing Association Foodservice Conference and Expo July 25-27 in Monterey, Calif.

The items, available in 2-pound packs:

  • Super Kale Slaw;
  • Lemony Arugula; and
  • Lemony Spinach.