Salinas, Calif.-based Colorful Harvest LLC has opened a cooler, plans to introduce a label and has come up with a “strawberry parking garage” that it would like to see installed in major supermarkets.

The company’s strawberry acreage will be up about 25% this year in all growing areas, said Doug Ranno, chief operating officer and managing partner.

The company opened a cooler in Florida, which should help the firm continue to grow its year-round strawberry program and add value to its California deal, he said.

Colorful Harvest now has coolers in Florida, central Mexico and the Salinas-Watsonville area.

The company is enjoying growth in all berry categories, Ranno said.

“We’ve gotten into such a large program that we’re able to ship (reusable plastic containers) consistently out of all regions for those who are wanting RPCs,” Ranno said.

In late January, Ranno said the company was about to launch a new label and box that would tie all berry types together under the same label design.

At the same time, the company will implement quick-response codes that will tie in with the labels on point-of-sale cards so the company can “talk directly to our consumers,” he said.

“We have a pretty active social media site,” Ranno added. “We spend a great amount of time interacting with our consumers.”

Ranno’s strawberry parking garage is a secondary portable display fixture for strawberries that hangs on the rack in the cereal aisle.

Ranno said years of research has shown that “a secondary display location outside of the produce department will equate to about a 17% to 19% incremental increase in sales when maintained and merchandised properly.”