Carl Mastronardi, president of Del Fresco Produce Inc., is increasing his involvement with growing partners in Mexico to provide his customers uninterrupted supplies of tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.

Mastronardi said he expects to more than double his rented greenhouse space in Mexico in the coming year. He currently rents about 20 acres.

“This is the third season for the Mexican thing,” Mastronardi said, adding that he sees Del Fresco’s major growth area to be with Mexican growers in Ontario’s off season.

Mastronardi also wants to enter the growing arena in the U.S.

He said he would like to begin building small greenhouse operations with U.S. investors to capitalize on the locally grown demands that consumers are putting on retailers.

Also, 2013 marks the first season that Del Fresco products from its Ontario greenhouses will be distributed in the St. Louis area.

Mastronardi said he like to keep distribution within 12 delivery hours because of high transportation costs.