Fresh King installs LED lights, hires rookie

Fresh King Inc., Homestead, Fla., has installed LED lights in its packinghouse to reduce energy consumption.

We’re looking to save $4,000-5,000 a year in electricity costs,” said Bill Schaefer, vice president of marketing.

The new lighting system is also beneficial because it reduces the plant’s carbon footprint, helping it support a healthy environment.

The lights were installed a few months ago and workers have been pleased with the results.

“You can’t even tell a difference,” Schaefer said.

The company also hired Mark Chang, new to the produce industry, for additional sales support this season.

Schaefer said Chang has been with the company about a month.

“He worked for a foodservice outlet before, so he’ll be an inexperienced learner for us this season.”

New Limeco hires quality control manager

New Limeco LLC, Princeton, Fla., hired Luis Gonzalez as manager of shipping and receiving/quality control.

He began working for the company in October.

“He comes to us with lots of experience and has been doing a great job since he began,” said Eddie Caram, general manager.

The company is working on upgrading its avocado packing line and plans to use a new box to pack avocados this season.

The one-piece boxes are display-ready and provide more ventilation for avocados, which should result in a longer shelf life, according to saleswoman Dori Blonder.