An international marketing program like the one run by the California Table Grape Commission is tailored to local infrastructure that varies from big retail chains in the United Kingdom to public markets and small shops in Vietnam.

The commission uses the same global messaging and images as it does in the U.S. and Canada.

Its program operates in countries in Asia, Australia and Central America; Colombia; the Dominican Republic; Mexico; New Zealand; the Philippines; Russia; the United Arab Emirates; and the United Kingdom.

The promotions typically happen at point-of-sale. Options include display contests, sampling, point-of-sale materials, and demonstrators to inform consumer choice and knowledge of nutritional benefits.

In Central America, chef demonstrations are done in stores.

In Asia, a retailer-tagged consumer advertising campaign is available to retailers through the commission, and Asian advertising is available in local newspapers or online.

The program is primarily funded by the federal government, with a required grape industry contribution.