With 100 additional acres under its growing umbrella for 2013, Mastronardi Produce Ltd., Kingsville, is preparing for a larger harvest with the addition of packing and refrigerated storage space.

Chris Veillon, marketing director, said the company broke ground on the addition in fall 2012. The new 72,000-square-foot facility will double Mastronardi’s refrigerated space in Ontario. It is expected to be operating by this summer.

Veillon said the 59-year-old company has seen double-digit growth for several years, even through the recent economic downturn in the U.S., where Mastronardi does about 80% it its business.

Part of that success, Veillon said, is because people started becoming “DIY (do-it-yourself) chefs” at home instead of going out to eat, and they wanted high-end produce for those kitchen projects.

Along with physical plant upgrades this year, Mastronardi plans virtual improvements with the anticipated launch of a new website in April.

Veillon said the site “should be the best communications tool we’ve ever designed.”

The rollout of the revamped website will accompany a “brand refresh” campaign this spring, Veillon said.