The Quebec Produce Marketing Association, which recently moved to larger headquarters in St. Leonard, on the island of Montreal, has produceded a healthy eating brochure in partnership with the Dairy Farmers of Canada, Ottawa.

The booklet, the title of which translates as “Madame Trembley’s Secrets to Good Health,” is full of ideas and recipes to help a family increase its consumption of fruit, vegetables and dairy products.

“It’s a good partnership for us because Dairy Farmers has a lot of expertise in health and nutrition,” said QPMA executive director Sophie Perreault. “We’ll continue to work together next year.”

Instead of targeting women, the QPMA’s usual focus, the new brochure appeals to the whole family, Perreault said. It’s being distributed through the Dairy Farmers’ website, which receives an a large number of visitors, she said.

“We printed 40,000 copies and we’ve sent out 10,000 since January ordered from their site,” she said.

QPMA has also completed a 12-page guide with the Quebec Association of Greenhouse Growers, and there’s a new consumer website distinct from its corporate site.

“The site will be translated into English soon,” said communications director Anne-Emilie Thibault. “The agency that keeps track of our results said the number of visitors is excellent for a new site, and more consumers are ordering our materials.”

Along with sections on color groups and the health benefits of fresh produce, the new site includes a fruit and vegetable encyclopedia, which continues to grow.

Between January and May, QPMA spent $100,000 on three short, animated national television spots with the tagline: “Fruits and Vegetables … hard to resist.” Each ad ends with the association’s I Love 5 to 10 logo.

“We wanted to get away from the traditional scene of a woman cooking in the kitchen,” Perrault said, “and focus on the pleasure of eating fruits and vegetables.”