Pure Hot House Foods this year is rolling out its Fresh Kits line, which it introduced to the industry in October at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit.

The kits are designed to take the guesswork out of three recipes by providing ingredients and instructions together in one consumer-friendly package.

New products, staff at Pure Hot House FoodsThe kits are available for salsa, guacamole and caprese. They feature breathable film around recyclable paper-based trays.

Also new in 2013 from Pure Hot House is the Chocolate Rose tomato.

As with the Fresh Kits, the Chocolate Rose tomatoes have packages made with breathable film and recyclable trays.

Pure Hot House describes the tomatoes as brownish red with a touch of green, having a classic tomato flavour.

Another new tomato product from Pure Hot House this year is the trademarked Sangria Medley package. It includes a mix of seven different tomato varieties.

The various flavours and colors are combined to help consumers add visual and flavourful variety to homemade recipes, according to the company.

New products, staff at Pure Hot House FoodsIn conjunction to its increased focus on packaging, Pure Hot House Foods, Leamington, added packaging coordinator Luci Faas in early 2013.

Faas said she is working with designers and packaging suppliers to develop better packaging for the fresh produce marketed under the Pure Flavor brand.

Faas will be responsible for seeking packaging options that are environmentally friendly and convenient for consumers and retailers.

Such packaging includes the aluminum trays used for Pure Flavor grilling and roasting vegetable products.New products, staff at Pure Hot House Foods

The trays are recyclable and although they are metal, consumers can use them in microwave ovens because of a special non-toxic coating on the aluminum.

Also new at Pure Hot House, Renée Laliberté is food safety coordinator.

She works closely with officials at the company and at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to make sure food safety requirements are met.