For the second consecutive year, the first grower to commercially produce Honeycrisp apples is importing the variety from New Zealand to fill off-season gaps in the U.S.

Courtier Pepin Heights, Lake City, Minn., plans to expand the import program each year for the next few years, said Dennis Courtier, owner and president.

“We’re beginning in two to three times the amount we did last year,” Courtier said. “We will probably do the same each year for the next two years at least.”

Although most of the Pepin Heights Honeycrunch brand of the New Zealand Honeycrisps were already through the supply chain by mid-June, Courtier said some would continue to be available in coming weeks. He said New Zealand’s crop this season is particularly flavorful.

“We inspected them as they were coming off the boat, and the eating quality is great,” Courtier said.