Bland Farms promotes cancer awareness

Bland Farms LLC, Glennville, Ga., plans to expand its breast cancer awareness program this year.

The new promotion will include pink labels on the onions, pink boxes and pink bags, beginning with shipments in the later part of September and the entire month of October.

“We did this on a small scale last year and it was really rewarding for us. We’re pretty excited about it. There’s hardly anybody who hasn’t been touched by breast cancer in one way or another,” owner Delbert Bland said.

DeBruyn Produce moves to new location

DeBruyn Produce Company, Zeeland, Mich., has moved its Florida offices from Pompano Beach to Deerfield Beach.

The new office is a more modern facility, which better suits the company’s production needs, according to Ralph Diaz, import and export sales manager.

The company now has two buildings for its operations.

“We have the refrigerated area on one side of the street and the air-conditioned packinghouse on the other side. It’s a total of 36,000 square feet,” Diaz said.

Keystone reapplies for certification

Keystone Fruit Marketing, Inc., Greencastle, Pa., and its South American program KeyPeru have received Rainforest Alliance Certification for the past three years, meeting the requirements of the Sustainable Agriculture Network for the production of onions.

The certification runs from October to October, so the company will begin the process of recertification this month.

The certification standards promote the ideals of conservation and social well-being that are basic to sustainable development and provide fair treatment and good working conditions for employees, according to Marty Kamer, vice president of Keystone.

“We are proud and thankful for all the work that is performed for us on our operations. We want to provide the very best conditions and give back more than we have taken, which follows our mission statement,” Kamer said.

Oso Sweet Onions opens Georgia office

Oso Sweet Onions, Charleston, W. Va., opened an office in Savannah, Ga., on Sept. 4.

The purpose of the location is to better serve customers in the southeast part of the country, especially through the port of Savanna with Peruvian and Chilean sweet onions, according to Brian Kastick, president and general manager.

“This will give us offices in Savannah, Charleston, Detroit and Portland, with an affiliate office in Los Angeles,” he said.

The company also promoted Kelly Hendrix from controller to operation manager as part of the office opening.

Shuman Produce set for fall promotions

Shuman Produce, Reidsville, Ga., is preparing to run fall promotions again this year.

The company will again participate in the Produce for Kids campaign, in its 10th year this year with the theme, “Healthy Schools, Healthy Minds.”

The program encourages healthy eating for families, said John Shuman, president of Shuman Produce.

Also this fall, Shuman Produce will turn its entire line of RealSweet packaging pink to support the Susan G. Komen for the Cure campaign.

The company plans to donate $20,000 to the cause and add an additional $1 for each recipe submitted to the company’s healthy recipe contest, to be promoted on social media.