COBBTOWN, Ga. — Expanding production of its other commodities, Plantation Sweets is also working to help fight cancer in children through a retail program involving sales of its Vidalia onions.

In 2011, Plantation Sweets created its Produce for Cancer program to help children with cancer.

The program works to promote the benefits of nutrition and healthy eating while at the same time supporting child cancer victims and their families, said Ronny Collins, Plantation Sweets’ president and chief executive officer.

Plantation Sweets plans to contribute a portion of every case sold at retail to the cause, he said.

Collins called the program flexible and said it allows retailers to determine the funding mechanism for supporting the cancer initiative.

He said they can set contributions on a per-consumer bag sales basis or through 40-pound equivalent units.

The program received strong reception last year, Collins said.

He said several retail chains participated last year, that those plan to return this year and that many other retailers are expressing interest in participating this year.

“It’s for a good cause,” he said.

“We see that we can help children at the same time that we are selling our produce items. As we are diversified, it’s not just a sweet onion program here. I foresee this becoming a big program in the future and will continue to grow every year.”

Though the program now works only with the Plantation Sweets label, Collins said he may expand it later to other commodities and may allow other produce companies to participate.

Bright yellow bag packaging tells shoppers their purchases help fund cancer programs.

The “Produce for Cancer” program wording is highlighted at the top of the bag label.

Plantation Sweets recently developed the high-graphic packaging, in English and French, to help spread the message about fighting cancer in children.

Offering sweet onions from Peru, Mexico and Texas, Plantation Sweets has sold onions throughout the year for nearly a decade.

Plantation Sweets ships Vidalia onions throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The company also grows and sells sweet potatoes, watermelon and sweet corn.