A mix of normal seasonal progression and the lingering effects of an April hailstorm took California stone fruit off center stage for fall.

“It’s a more abrupt end this year for tree fruit,” said Barry Bedwell, president of the Fresno-based California Grape & Tree Fruit League.

Some growers never harvested a crop after the storm, which hit the Traver area hardest. They took whatever solace was available in patches of untouched nectarines or peaches, or in crop insurance, Bedwell said.

One fruit buyers can still look forward to: late plums like angelino or yummy.

“A number of plum varieties come off in September,” said John Thiesen, division manager with Reedley, Calif.-based Giumarra Reedley.

“The crop looks decent but it just depends on whether you were in the hail zone.”