Deardorff installs RedLine Cooler

Deardorff Family Farms, Oxnard, Calif., has installed RedLine Cooler, an inventory management and traceability solution from Santa Clara, Calif.-based RedLine Solutions, in its new facility.

The system helps manage inventory, improve operations and increase customer satisfaction, according to a news release.

Since the new facility doubled the company’s operations, the firm needed more efficient tracking of product lines and inventory management, according to the release.

“Fulfilling orders with handheld devices instead of pick tickets created invaluable operational efficiencies,” vice president Scott Deardorff said in the release.

RedLine Cooler also enabled Deardorff to incorporate food safety tracking capabilities that enable complete visibility into the data throughout the process — from quality assurance to precooling, staging and storage, according to the release. Deardorff grows tomatoes and a variety of other products.


Pinos tomatoes go full shade house

San Diego-based Pinos Produce Inc. was one of the first companies to grow tomatoes in protected agriculture and now plants all of its vine-ripe and roma tomatoes in shade houses in Baja California, said sales manager Danny Uribe.

Shade houses help the plants get better yields than field-grown crops, he said, and they require less water and labor and produce higher-quality tomatoes in less space.

The company should ship about 6 million or 7 million cartons this year, down from last year in part because of tight water supplies, he said.


West Coast now does special packs

West Coast Tomato Growers, Oceanside, Calif., now is set up to put up special packs, said Dick Keim, marketing coordinator. Besides standard two- and three-layer packages, the company offers a 15-pound fiberboard tray-pack box for beefsteak tomatoes.

The firm also can pack in reusable plastic containers. Retailers who request RPCs often ask for 15-pound units, Keim said.

“Each retailer has their own idea about what they want to,” he said. “We do our best to give them what they want.”

The company expects to ship about 3.5 million cartons of vine-ripe and roma tomatoes this season, Keim said. Acreage is up compared with last year because the firm has doubled its roma tomato acreage.