Salinas, Calif.-based TransFresh Corp. says a recent study found transporting strawberries in the sealed TransFresh Tectrol pallet cover system that elevated carbon dioxide concentrations up to 16% was most effective in complementing current low-temperature management practices to reduce decay and maintain fruit quality.

The study was conducted by researchers at the University of California-Davis and the University of Florida.

After two days on the shelf, fruit from the Tectrol pallets achieved up to 7% less decay than other systems evaluated, the study indicated.

The study, titled “Comparison of Pallet Cover Systems to Maintain Strawberry Fruit Quality During Transport,” evaluated the effectiveness of several proprietary plastic pallet cover systems to maintain strawberry fruit quality during commercial shipment.

The TransFresh Tectrol modified-atmosphere system was one of those assessed.

Researchers said that, although data show statistically significant advantages of using strawberry pallet covers in combination with low temperature management, shippers should conduct their own economic analyses.

“We encourage key stakeholders to conduct a cost-benefit analysis suited to their own individual business models,” said Rich Macleod, vice president pallet division, TransFresh North America, a wholly owned subsidiary of Chiquita Brands International.

To help accomplish that, TransFresh has developed an online calculator available at

The study, published in HortTechnology, August 2012, is available from the TransFresh Resource Library at