The TopLine Farms brand has had the increasingly popular commodities of specialty tomatoes, miniature seedless cucumbers and mini peppers in its product lineup for several years, but for 2014 value-added packaging is expected to send sales even higher.

From Westmoreland Sales, Leamington, Ontario, the TopLine brand logo is also new this season.

The word “farms” is now included on the logo to reinforce for retailers and consumers that greenhouse produce from Westmoreland Sales comes direct from family growers, said Jimmy Coppola, account and marketing manager.

At the head of TopLine’s new packaging is the Creations line. The products available in the TopLine Creations packaging for 2014 include grape, cocktail and cherry tomatoes, mini seedless cucumbers and mini sweet peppers.

The produce is packaged with olive oil and a spice packet so that consumers have a complete salad or side dish.

Retailers can stock three varieties of TopLine Creations in each commodity — sweet and/or spicy; sweet and spicy; and balsamic.

Another recent addition to TopLine Farms packaging options is simply referred to as “3” on the package label.

The 14-ounce plastic containers are divided into three compartments, each holding a different variety of snacking tomatoes.

The containers are stackable for easy display at retail while protecting the tomatoes.

Coppola said Westmoreland Sales also now offers resealable bags with brightly colored artwork. The bags have finger holes for easy stocking and consumer convenience.

Mini sweet pepper medleys and mini seedless cucumbers are available for the 2014 season in the resealable bags.

Officials with TopLine Farms are discussing expansion plans because of the growing needs of its retail and wholesale partners, Coppola said.

No specific details are available yet on the expansion.