Baloian Farms

Fresno, Calif.-based Baloian Farms continues with a soft launch of the miniature dipper snacking peppers it introduced earlier this fall, said Jeremy Lane, sales manager.

The 4.69-ounce plastic cup contains three to four sweet mini-peppers along with a small container of fat-free ranch dressing.

Some retailers have mentioned their intent to create a snack-specific area within the produce department, and Lane said the mini-dippers would fit in well.

“They’re reworking their schematics to make a snacking area for healthy fresh produce snacks for families,” he said.


Peter Rabbit Farms

Collin Powell joined Peter Rabbit Farms this fall as a sales assistant and field coordinator. He is the first member of the fourth generation of the founding Powell family to work for the company.

“He’s been a great addition for us,” said John Burton, manager of sales and the cooler.

Powell graduated from the University of Southern California with a bachelor’s degree in business administration two years ago and had worked on the farm off and on while attending school.

The Coachella, Calif.-based grower-shipper encourages family members to spend two years outside the business before returning to the family operation, Burton said.



Tanimura & Antle

Salinas, Calif.-based Tanimura & Antle has introduced George T’s Special, a cross between iceberg and romaine lettuce.

It is named after company co-founder George Tanimura, who loves both iceberg and romaine, said Mark Adamek, director of romaine and mixed leaf production.

“We stumbled upon this product and started developing this with our breeders here,” he said. ”We named it after George as a tribute to the 100-year-old man who’s one of our patriarchs.”

The variety produces extremely heavy heads, with most sizing as jumbo.

“It looks like a romaine heart, but only three times as heavy and with a lot of crunchy leaves,” Adamek said.

Like any new variety, the initial crops bring a few hiccups as growers tweak production systems, and George T’s is no exception.

But he said the challenges haven’t dampened the grower-shipper’s excitement for the variety.