Many in the Georgia produce industry are shipping in company boxes or are distinguishing their produce as “Georgia Grown,” and participating in a packaging program for Georgia produce producers.

J&S Produce Inc., Mount Vernon, Ga., ships in its own boxes. The company is packing produce in the same containers as it in the past, said Joey Johnson, president and co-owner, J&S Produce Inc., Mount Vernon, Ga.

Shay Kennedy, vice president, Georgia Vegetable Co., Inc., Tifton, Ga., said Georgia growers can participate and register to be a part of the Georgia Grown packaging program.

“The Georgia Grown label is for any Georgia growers that want to participate and register. The state of Georgia promotes agriculture and Georgia growers,” Kennedy said.

“The ‘G’ on our boxes denotes Georgia Grown and I think it helps both locally and nationally. Locally, because many of your chain stores are promoting locally grown and nationally because many stores want a southern or southeastern identification with the product,” Johnson said.

The Georgia Grown label is new and for promotional purposes, Kennedy said.

Johnson also sees a packing trend with smaller pack sizes.

“I think there is a trend to handle smaller size packs at the retail level. Several years ago, C/N Squash moved from a 1 bushel container to a ¾ bushel container. We don’t actually promote a 30# C/N Squash – we just sell a ¾ bushel squash.”