IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Potandon Produce is launching its Potandon-branded potato bag this fall.

In October, Potandon plans to start shipping a new organic line in packs with a newly designed Potandon Produce logo, said Ralph Schwartz, the company’s vice president of marketing, sales and innovation.

The line includes 3- and 5-pound clear poly bags of golden, red and russet potatoes.

Also new for Potandon this year is a new yellow-flesh variety, the Klondike Royale, Schwartz said.

The variety has a smooth, light golden skin accented with purple kiss-shaped markings. Packaging features female cartoon fairies planting kisses on the potatoes.

“We’re taking a youthful approach with some of our new items,” Schwartz said. “And yellow potatoes have exploded in the U.S. in recent years.”

The Klondike Royale comes in 1-, 3- and 5-pound poly bags and a 3-pound pouch.

Also on tap for this fall for Potandon in the “youthful” vein is wider distribution of the company’s new Smiley line of B- and C-sized yellow-flesh potatoes, Schwartz said.

The variety has red skin with lighter-colored markings that look like smiles. Potandon will market the Green Giant branded product with packaging featuring not only the Giant but his young sidekick, Sprout.

“It’s the first package to feature Sprout in a long time,” Schwartz said.

Packaging also will feature kid-friendly recipes.