HUDSONVILLE, Mich. — Superior Sales Inc.’s presence in Salinas, Calif., has gone from broker-like to shipper-like.

“We had an office and were buying and selling, but now we’re actually having growers grow for us,” said Randy Vande Guchte, president of Superior Sales.

The company opened its Salinas office 12 years ago. This year, it started working with many of the same growers Salinas-based Salyer American used to, to ship its own product.

“We’ve got broccoli, head lettuce, mixed lettuce, strawberries, all shipping out of Salinas now,” said Todd DeWaard, sales manager, on May 20. “Also, (we have) a lot of cilantro, napa cabbage, bok choy and leeks, all which just started in the last 30 days.”

The company started its new venture shipping from Yuma, Ariz., earlier this year. It rents cooler space in Yuma and Salinas through Uni-Kool Partners, Salinas.

“We’re just basically trying to get our brand name out there on a year-round basis,” Vande Guchte said. “We’re trying to keep the customers we sell in the summertime out of Michigan.”

Vande Guchte said the company’s salespeople in Salinas are working with some of their existing accounts to get the new program going.

“We’re kind of in an infancy stage,” Vande Guchte said. “But some customers who were buying from us here are buying from us there.”