It’s all good when it comes to the 2012-13 category management plan from the Peruvian Asparagus Importers Association — good nutrition, good value and good taste for consumers, good growth potential for retailers.

In preparation for the coming season, the Miami-based association suggests retailers review the plan now so their staff has adequate time to develop point-of-sale materials. The 18-page category management plan is available free of charge from any association member or from the association’s coordinator, Pricilla Lleras, by calling 817-793-3133 or via e-mail at

For the 2012-13 season, the association suggests retailers focus on the nutrition and ease of preparation that asparagus offers. According to the plan, those two factors are top of mind for consumers.

The good news for retailers is that consumers are apparently ready to learn more about asparagus. The association’s category management plan cites survey results in Fresh Trends 2012 that show asparagus as the No. 2 “new” item shoppers said they are now buying.

That new interest from consumers means new sales for retailers who help their customers understand the benefits of asparagus, the association’s plan states.

“The (plan) specifically includes statistics relating to market summaries, trends, nutritional facts, consumer positioning, quality commitments and food safety certifications,” Lleras said.

“It provides suggestions on display, and promotional and advertising ideas that offer retailers fresh strategies to increase sales of Peruvian asparagus.”

In-store demonstrations are particularly helpful, according to the plan, when it comes to showing consumers how easy asparagus is to prepare.

For the best results, the plan encourages retailers to include green, purple and white asparagus in demonstrations so that consumers can sample the subtle flavor differences in the varieties for themselves.