DNE World Fruit Sales expands packaging

With bagged citrus on the rise, DNE World Fruit Sales, Fort Pierce, Fla., is expanding its operations to cater to the trend.

“We have the ability to pack in both a D-wrap bag, the net bag with the film around it and the finger hole,” said Tom Cowan, Peruvian program manager. “We have a new machine that packs that this year.”

Now in its third year, DNE’s 115,000 square-foot Gloucester, N.J., facility will be the site of the additional equipment.

Cowan said the machines also pack the box combo pack, which has plastic on the front adhered to a mesh bag.

Cowan added that the company packs in-house and for outside clients.

“It will start this season,” he said. “We’ll start packing up there using that equipment probably by the end of May.”

The Huamani Group upgrades machinery

The Huamani Group, Pisco, Peru, is installing a new processing line for the local marketing order to free up capacity for its main citrus line.

Ismael Benavides, former Peruvian Minister of Agriculture and Huamani’s general manager, said the installation will increase capacity by 30%, while other facilities are expanding as well.

“We will install additional cold storage facilities with capacity for 400 tons, as well as a chilling tunnel,” Benavides said.

Benavides said 25 hectares of star ruby grapefruit has also been planted, with commercial production expected in 2011.

Finally, Benavides said Chilean engineer Claudio Berrocal has joined the company as plant manager.


La Calera improves packing operation

La Calera, Chincha, Peru, is upgrading its packing station with new software, cold storage and one new line for oranges.

Estuardo Masias, general manager of Prolan and part owner of La Calera, reports that the company has grown to 7,000 acres including citrus, avocados and grapes.

“We are very much looking forward to sending our hass avocados into the US,” he said. “This should happen very soon now.”

Masias also boasted the company’s housing project, the construction of a thousand 750 square-foot homes that are sold to workers for $2,000 each.