Hurst’s Berry Farm Inc., Sheridan, Ore., has found an organic grower that can produce a consistent supply of organic blueberries in Oregon. The company plans to market a small volume of organic berries for about two months beginning by late July.

“It’s new acreage, so we’ll see how things go, but we’re excited about it,” said Doug Perkins, sales manager.

The company harvests Oregon-grown red and white currants in July and August. It also harvests gooseberries in Oregon from mid-June through mid-August. Both are niche items.

Hurst’s also grows and ships kiwi berries from late September through October. The fruit is vine-ripened and ready to eat when it ships.

Perkins said the company likes finding different berries that it can establish a customer base for and ship to, whether that means shipping 10 or 10,000 boxes to a particular retailer.