Screens list departures and arrivals, but you’re not in an airport terminal. This is the new system at Edinburg, Texas-based Border Cold Storage LLC.

“You can translate all that information into the unloading and loading of trailers,” said Tyler Morgan, president.

Using the system, Border Cold Storage can accurately track the time a truck spends at its facility, how long it takes for loading and unloading and analyze that information for customers.

“Working with this is like giving our customers the feeling they’re in our facility,” Morgan said. “We can tell them exactly where their truck is through the process.”

Border Cold Storage enjoyed strong growth in its first two years, Morgan said.

The company recently added three acres to its packing lot and is doing the site work for a 40,000-square-foot addition that will double its storage space.

Morgan said the addition should be completed by next October.

The company believes repacking and cold storage is the key to capturing business as the import deal gains ground in the Rio Grande Valley.

“We’re repacking and dong quality assurance for Wal-Mart, Kroger and other retailers,” Morgan said. “Our customers aren’t here, but they know they can trust us and know that we know what the big chains are looking for.”