The Texas watermelon harvest is right on schedule.

“The melon crop is looking very good,” said Jeff Fawcett, salesman for Edinburg-based Bagley Produce Co. “We’ve been in Mexico since December, but in Texas the weather is looking favorable.”

Fawcett said he expects to start harvesting around May 1 in South Texas, and run through June 20.

“Our east Texas crop should start around June 15,” he said.

Fawcett said Bagley Produce grows about 75% seedless and 25% seeded watermelons in Texas, on par with most watermelon shippers.

Curtis DeBerry, owner of Boerne, Texas-based Progreso Produce Ltd., said he expects to start shipping Texas watermelons a little later.

“Texas will start for us around May 10-15,” DeBerry said. “Everything looks great right now.”