Enza’s apple varieties are finding fertile ground in Washington state.

Jazz production in Washington state figures to grow about 30% this year to about 800,000 cartons, said Rick Derrey, apple grower and Enzafruit's North America coordinator based in Zillah, Wash.

The eventual goal for the Enza club variety is 1.5 million, and Derrey said that production goal could be reached within about three years by the more than 50 growers in Washington growing Jazz.

Derrey said growers are solidly behind the Jazz based on the marketplace reaction.

“I don’t think there is anything close to it out there,” Derrey said. “We’ve had a great response from consumers.”

Jazz harvest is expected to begin the third week of September, Derrey said.

The Jazz marketing window will extend from early November through May, Karin Gardner, communications manager for Vancouver, British Columbia-based The Oppenheimer Group, Enza’s North American marketing partner.

Gardner said promotions will be customized for retailers and will likely include sampling opportunities.
The Jazz marketing campaign also includes a Facebook fan page and Facebook customized ads in select markets, she said.

Packaging options should include a snacker box, featuring kid friendly-sized fruit in a 3-pound poly bag, Gardner said.

Meanwhile, Derrey said Enza’s Pacific Rose apple variety will harvest starting the first week of October, with a similar November-through-May marketing season.

The variety, popular in Asian export markets, is expected to total more than 300,000 cartons in 2010, with an eventual target production of 750,000 cartons.

Derrey said very limited volume of the Envy variety is expected in 2010 and that the first commercial planting occurred only earlier this spring with about 60 acres now in the ground. Derrey described the apple as a variety that will appeal to Asian export markets.

“It is bigger, redder and sweeter than Jazz,” he said.