Ciruli introduces winter greenhouse cucumber program

Ciruli Bros. LLC, Nogales, Ariz., is now supplementing its spring and fall Mexican greenhouse cucumber deals with a winter cuke deal, said Chris Ciruli, a partner in the company.

Ciruli Bros. began importing winter greenhouse cukes from the Ciulican growing region in October. Supplies are expected into June, Ciruli said. In all, the company expects to ship about 350,000 cases.

The winter deal will provide a nice bridge from its fall to its spring greenhouse cuke deal, Ciruli said.

“We had been looking for that type of deal for the last couple of years,” he said. “It makes for a much smoother transition.”

Oppenheimer boosts slicer cuke production

In its second year of shipping slicer greenhouse cucumbers from Mexico, Vancouver, British Columbia-based The Oppenheimer Group is significantly increasing the number it ships.

“We just dabbled in it last year — we have a bigger presence now,” said Aaron Quon, category manager of the company’s greenhouse vegetable program.

The greenhouse-grown slicer has the traditional advantages over field-grown that other greenhouse vegetables can boast: better cosmetics, protection from the elements.

In addition, Quon said, green-house-grown slicers are virtually seedless, unlike their field-grown counterparts. And they have a thinner, unwaxed, edible skin.

Greenhouse-grown slicers also can be cello-packed, just like English cukes, he said.