(March 6, WEB EXCLUSIVE) The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has launched a Web site designed to show consumers which Florida-grown products are in-season and available at grocery stores.

The department launched the Web site in mid-February. It features a listing of popular Florida fruits and vegetables that are being harvested and also promotes Florida-harvested seafood.

Visitors to the site can check the items they are interested in buying and print out a personalized shopping list. Checking on the produce items opens a new window that also includes a listing of other commonly-purchased grocery store items such as dairy, baked goods frozen foods and meat.

Another area of the site shows which items are being distributed. The department updates site is updated every week.

Pictures on the site rotate every couple of seconds. A banner at the top of the page features pictures, which changed every 15 minutes.

“We as Americans have gotten so use to going to the grocery store and buying any fruit and vegetables we want any time of the year, as they’re produced around the world,” said Justin Timineri, the department’s executive chef. “This is a way to show Floridians and others in the U.S. to look for fruits and vegetables in season because there are so many benefits to buying them in-season and buying locally and regionally. They get to see what’s coming out of the different counties in the state.”

Timineri said the site is also designed to serve as a tool for chefs.

He said the key was to make finding such information as easy as possible for shoppers.

Timineri, who joined the agency’s agricultural products promotional team four years ago, said he may be the only chef working for a state agricultural department.