(June 27) WASHINGTON, D.C. — Although the Federal Trade Commission has informed three petitioners that it would not issue guidelines for slotting allowances in retail grocery stores, the decision likely doesn’t have any implications on current practices involving the produce industry, said Tom Stenzel, president of the Alexandria, Va.-based United Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Association.

The FTC sent its ruling to lawyers for the Independent Bakers Association, the Tortilla Industry Association and the National Association of Chewing Gum Manufacturers, which filed a petition in April 2000 requesting the agency issue guidelines on the use of slotting allowances in the supermarket industry.

The FTC noted in its letter that the petition was “a significant focus of attention” at a May 2000 workshop, which subsequently was the basis for an FTC report issued in February 2001.

The report recommended against issuing guidelines.