Fresh produce suppliers out East have been working hard to keep food on retailers’ shelves.

The Washington, D.C., area is expecting more than 2 feet of snow before the end of the day Feb. 6, and many areas along the East Coast are getting their fair share.

“We’ve had several sharp increases in orders based on people coming in and wiping out the shelves,” said Sandy Cohen, owner of Cohen Produce Marketing, Aspers, Pa.

Schools and even business in the D.C. area closed down Feb. 5, including an announcement from the federal government that its workers could take unscheduled leave, according to The Washington Post.

The Virginia Legislature canceled all meetings during its annual session for the first time in 40 years, The Post reported.

In January, the focus for the produce industry was on the Southeast and what the weather was doing to crop production in Florida and Georgia, but the Northeast was also getting hit hard. The Post reported this is the third time in almost 60 years the region has had two snowfalls of more than 10 inches in the same winter.

“You’d think these people are going to be trapped for weeks, the way they’re wiping out shelves,” Cohen said. “I tell you, I’d sure like to be in the dairy or bakery business right now. That’s what they really buy.”

The snow is expected to stop before Super Bowl Sunday, so many were stocking up for the big game ahead of time, in case they can’t dig their way out, according to The Post.