(Feb. 13) A record snowstorm in New York City shut down the Hunts Point Terminal Market for a day, but for other fresh produce companies in the area, it was more or less business as usual.

Hunts Point was closed Feb. 13 after the previous day’s storm, which dumped more than two feet of snow on much of the New York metropolitan area.

While that was bad news for many independent retailers and restaurants and other regular customers of the market, the news elsewhere in the region was significantly better.

“It was a big nonstory as far as we were concerned, which is a good thing,” said Jeff Shilling, vice president of procurement for RLB Food Distributors, West Caldwell, N.J.

That was true not just for RLB but for other companies in the area, Shilling said.

“As bad as it was supposed to be and actually was, we’ve heard very little about problems,” he said. “Everybody talked about how much they had to use their snowblowers, then they got back to work.”

The relatively mild impact was due in large part, Shilling said, to an early forecast and to the storm’s timing.

“Due to the advance forecast, we were able to plan ahead,” he said. “We notified stores to heavy up on product. Because it was on a Saturday, we were able to bring product in a day early.”

RLB normally doesn’t make many deliveries on Sunday anyway, and with stores stocked by Saturday night, there were even fewer, Shilling said.

Of those that did go out, a few were late, but not significantly so, Shilling said. One truck bound for Long Island waited six hours on area highways before turning around and coming back to West Caldwell, but other than that, all of the company’s trucks got through.

Area bus service shut down on Sunday, preventing some RLB employees from making it to work. That meant the company was playing catch-up on Monday, Shilling said, with deliveries running behind. But once trucks got out, they didn’t have any trouble reaching their destinations.

“The state, the county and the towns did an excellent job plowing the roads,” Shilling said.