(Oct. 17, PACKER WEB EXCLUSIVE) The Western Cape Citrus Producers’ Forum sponsored a Columbus Day youth soccer tournament.

The weekend tournament was in Philadelphia attracting more than 100 teams that played in more than 200 games, according to a news release.

The citrus group knew that joining with the United Junior Soccer League would expand its program.

“There were a number of factors that led us to sponsor this tournament,” said Piet Smit, chief executive officer of the group, in the news release. “Soccer is the most widely played youth sport in the United States and nothing can beat the natural and refreshing goodness of South African summer citrus at half-time. We decided to sponsor this major tournament with a view to extending our sponsorship footprint next year as well as looking ahead to the Soccer World Cup scheduled to be played in South Africa in 2010.”

During the tournament, 40 Acme Markets Inc. stores in area ran in-store tastings of South African navel oranges.

The Western Cape Citrus Producers’ Forum represents almost 300 citrus growers in South Africa, the second-largest exporter of citrus in the world, according to the release.