Bercy Foods launches Mini Snacks kits in stores

Montreal importer and packer Bercy Foods has launched healthy new Mini Snacks kits in more than 570 Couche-Tard convenience stores across Quebec. Each 160g single-serve clear plastic container contains a fruit, vegetable, crackers and a dip or cheese and retail for $2.99.
“Sales are great so far,” said business development director Jinan Al-Douri, who worked on the project for five months before its April launch.
There are now three varieties with more in the works, said Al-Douri.
Bercy is also in discussions with Quebec supermarket chains to test a family pack of two or four units. The snacks are ideal for a lunch box, she said, and a great alternative to chips, cookies and candy.

Groupe Vegco to unveil gourmet colored radishes

Grower, packer, shipper Groupe Vegco Inc., of Sherrington, Quebec, plans to introduce new gourmet colored radishes in July, packed in 12-ounce zipper bags.
The radishes will complement Vegco’s colored carrots, which have exceeded expectations since they were introduced in 2009, said account manager Charlene Newton.
The group’s onion division, Onipro Inc., packs about 30,000 tons of onions a year in its Primus-certified plant, now Canada’s largest onion storage and packing facility, she said.
A new punnet packaging machine uses traditional netting with a handle to accommodate the required tracking numbers.
The 2.2 pound (1 kg) package will be available for yellow, red, white and a combination onion pack, she said.
Vegco, formed in 1993 by a group of growers, is also planting more carrots and onions this year, she said, and improving its website at