(Oct. 27) SAN DIEGO — The AppleSweets brand of sliced apples will play on varying consumer taste preferences to ensure maximum sales exposure.

The brand, to be officially launched in 2007 by Stemilt Growers Inc., will feature sweet and tart apples separately.

Two other products in the line employ a unique flavoring method that will offer consumers something different in the apple category, said Christine Aguiar, merchandising manager of the Wenatchee, Wash., firm. County Fair Caramel and Wild Berry packs of apples are infused with flavoring after the slicing process. Consumers may find the products akin to the Grapple item that is gaining steam for other companies.

“Everyone is on the go, eating in their cars,” Aguiar said at Fresh Summit 2006. “We think the flavored varieties, especially the caramel-flavored ones, because you don’t have to dip them, will prove real convenient and real popular.”

The flavored apple slices have been in development for a year and a half, said Brian Vertrees, customer promotions manager.

The tart and sweet apple packs will be offered in three sizes: 16 ounces, 6 ounces and a family pack of four 3-ounce packs.