(Nov. 21) It’s almost that time of year, when people pause to remember family traditions.

For Wenatchee, Wash.-based Stemilt Growers Inc., that means drawing on the past to market honeycrisp and Piñata apples.

In late October, Stemilt began shipping honeycrisp and Piñata apples in 40-pound cartons with retro-looking labels, said Roger Pepperl, marketing director.

The new labels, designed by Wenatchee-area artist Chris Hinrichs, feature a rendition of Stemilt’s first packinghouse, Pepperl said. A drawing of the first packinghouse, built on Stemilt Hill near Wenatchee, was featured on the company’s labels in the 1960s, he said.

Pepperl described the 40-pound carton labels as art deco. The labels feature two different fonts and a color palette of green, purple, orange and black.

The company introduced the Piñata managed variety in November, Pepperl said. The variety is a mix of the duchess of olden-burg, orange pippin and golden delicious varieties.

Along with its new carton labels, Pepperl said Stemilt recently introduced labels for its 3-pound polybags. The maroon and gold bags features a clear panel on one side, so that retailers can more easily display apples. The bags also feature information about the apple variety and ideas for use, Pepperl said.