(July 8) Stephen D’Arrigo, an industry pioneer who helped move New York City’s produce terminal from Manhattan to the Bronx, died July 4. He was 79.

D’Arrigo, a third-generation member of the family credited with creating the U.S. broccoli market and the first national fresh produce brand, extended D’Arrigo’s reach into New York when he founded D’Arrigo Bros. Co. of New York in 1948. In 1986 he was named The Packer’s Man of the Year.

D’Arrigo served on the planning committee to be one of the original owners of units on the Hunts Point Terminal Market, which opened in 1967. Two decades later he was instrumental in promoting merchant management and converting Hunts Point into a cooperative.

D’Arrigo’s work on behalf of Hunts Point typified his innovative business sense, said John Rice, sales manager for Rice Fruit Co., Gardners, Pa.

“He was a leader who had unusual vision,” Rice said. “He saw Hunts Point becoming something far bigger than anyone at the time imagined. He could look down the road and see what the next generation needed.”

Rice, who met D’Arrigo in 1975 and later established a business relationship with him, said D’Arrigo was a soft-spoken, modest family man whom people in the industry looked up to because of his integrity, honesty and willingness to work in the interest of others.

“He was one of the giants in the produce industry, and a lot of people, including me, looked up to him as an example of the kind of business person we wanted to be,” Rice said. “He had a deserved reputation for being one of the people with true integrity in this industry.”

Three of D’Arrigo’s sons — Paul, Michael and Matthew — run D’Arrigo Bros. Co. of New York. Another son, Andy, works in the produce industry in Arizona.

Other survivors include wife Mary Jane, daughter Patricia Ann D’Arrigo, son Daniel, brother Peter and sister Grace Antognoni. Memorials may be sent to Phelps Hospice, 701 N. Broadway, Sleepy Hollow, NY, 10591.