(Nov. 21) BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Sun World International Inc. has created the first piece of an international platform to distribute its uniquely bred fruit, said David Marguleas, senior vice president.

Seven international marketing companies will serve as the vehicle to expand production and distribution of many of Sun World’s new grape varieties.

The mid-November announcement stated that the marketers are located in the major fruit producing regions of the world. Marketers work with Sun World’s wide range of white, red and black seedless varieties.

The companies are as follows:

  • The Grape Co. Pty. Ltd., Paarl, South Africa

  • Dole South Africa Pty. Ltd., Cape Town

  • Capespan Pty. Ltd, Bellville, South Africa

  • Perfection Fresh Australia Pty. Ltd., Homebush

  • Table Grape Growers of Australia Pty. Ltd, West Melbourne

  • Dole Chile SA, Santiago

  • Frutera Santa Maria, SA, Santiago

The varieties were developed in Sun World’s 30-year-old research and development department, with a grape program about 20 years old. Nearly 60 varieties have been developed.

Sun World hopes the international marketing efforts will increase the production of its private trademarks and brands — such as Midnight Beauty, Coachella Seedless and Sophia Seedless —to make them available almost year round.

Marguleas gave the example of producing 10 months a year in the Southern and Northern Hemisphere.

With the new breeds, “We thought the only way to make it worthwhile is to share (the varieties),” Marguleas said. “About five to six years ago, Sun World initiated a new program to share international and domestic licenses.”

Marguleas added that it is crucial that production be coupled with distribution.

The company works with nearly 1,000 licensed growers, mostly of the Sugraone grape variety, in countries like China, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. The new varieties are still in the early stages.

Each program is designed with the same framework but tailored to that area.

“A lot of the same varieties are being grown, but practices may differ, so you borrow all the good things (from each area) and roll into one standard,” Marguleas said.