BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — After more than three decades squeezed into offices adjacent to the company's north Kern County packinghouse, Sun World International LLC moved its administrative, marketing, sales and accounting offices this spring into new headquarters in west Bakersfield.

To celebrate the move, Sun World invited the Bakersfield business community to an open house June 18.

"Some members of the business community didn't know we existed, even though we're been in the Bakersfield area since 1976," said Allen Vangelos, president and chief executive officer of Sun World.

The former offices were just a series of cubbyholes, he said. The new, open headquarters offers line-of-sight communication among all the departments.

"Just getting out of those dusty old offices has boosted morale," he said. "Having a clean, modern office means we can wear nicer clothes to work without worrying about their becoming filthy before lunch time."

In addition to the company's fruit-breeding and licensing programs, Sun World grows a variety of commodities on 16,000 acres of California farmland. It is a division of Black Diamond Capital Management LLC, Greenwich, Conn. The new headquarters are at 5701 Truxton Ave. Suite 200, Bakersfield.

Sun World welcomes Bakersfield business community
                                                             Don Schrack

David Marguleas (right), chief marketing officer for Sun World International LLC, Bakersfield, Calif., talks with Assemblywoman Jean Fuller at the company's new corporate headquarters. After several decades of operating out of offices adjacent to the Sun World packinghouse north of Bakersfield, the company has relocated all of its administrative, marketing, sales and accounting departments in the new offices in west Bakersfield.