(May 6) SALINAS, Calif. — Continued business growth has led Sunridge Farms Inc. to create a new director of sales position, and Sunridge hopes the man who now fills it will boost that growth even more.

Lou Fierro came to Sunridge April 29 from Great West Produce, Commerce, where he was vice president of sales and marketing. His background includes extensive experience in marketing fresh produce for such companies as Bassetti Farms, Salinas.


As director of sales for Sunridge, Fierro will manage sales and focus on continued growth, customer satisfaction and profitability, said Phil Adrian, a spokesman for Sunridge.

David Adrian, director of marketing for Sunridge, said it takes exceptional people to manage business growth and that Sunridge has found such a person in Fierro.

David Adrian has acted as director of sales and marketing since Sunridge’s inception in early 1991. But the company’s growth has boosted his marketing duties and led to the need for a separate sales director, said Phil Adrian.

“Dave’s doing more now, so Sunridge is able to make use of additional resources to continue to grow more in the future,” Phil Adrian said.


Sunridge Farms is a year-round supplier of more than 25 fresh vegetable products. The company has grown at more than 15% per year for the past decade. It ships its products under the Coastline label from the California growing regions around Salinas, Huron and Brawley, as well as in Yuma, Ariz.

Sunridge Farms has expanded to ship spring and summer strawberries from the Salinas district.

Fierro said after just a few days on the job he was impressed with the way Sunridge does business.