(March 24) An Anchorage, Alaska-based wholesale produce dealer opted for a little business maneuver in hopes of showcasing its wares for some military personnel in Alaska.

“We’ve been doing a military contract for a couple of years now, and we decided to highlight some of our major labels,” said John San Roman, buyer for DiTomaso Inc., an Anchorage wholesaler and exclusive produce supplier to the commissary at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage.

DiTomaso, which supplies the commissary with about 120,000 pounds of fresh produce weekly, ran a five-day promotional program at the grand opening of the base’s newly reopened commissary March 8-12, featuring products from Fresh Del Monte Produce NA Inc., Foxy Foods LLC and Well-Pict Inc.

The program featured an array of citrus, pineapples, strawberries, avocados and other items that the wholesaler supplies.

Josh Meyn, a chef from South Side Bistro in Anchorage, prepared several recipes using fresh produce and served the finished product. Commissary manager Terri Nichols set up displays featuring a number of fresh items, Roman said.

Joy Voita, from Visalia, Calif.-based citrus brokerage Royal Vista, cut and served navel orange samples.

The commissary contract is a strong component of DiTomaso’s business, Roman said.

“They’re probably doing about $15,000 (to) $17,000 a day,” he said of the commissary’s total sales, adding that produce accounts for about 9% of that sales figure. “They’re doing a fantastic business up there right now.”