(Oct. 16) HOUSTON — Three recent clamshell tomato packs and a marketing push on sustainability are making waves for greenhouse producer Village Farms LP, Eatontown, N.J., said Alan Kleinman, Northeast account manager.

Romas on the vine (1.1 pounds), Triana beefsteak tomatoes on the vine (1.3 pounds) and Campari (1-pound) are the packs, he said. All except the Campari are available nationwide. The Campari is sold only in West Coast supermarkets for now, but will have East Coast distribution by April, he said.

“The Triana has a high brix count so it has the summertime taste consumers like and the on-the-vine look,” he said.

The company is using its sustainable growing practices as a selling point, said chief executive officer Michael DeGiglio.

“We’ve been working on best practices in sustainability for many years, before that was popular, but for business-efficiency reasons,” he said. “Now, it makes sense to market the product this way, too.”

For example, because the product is not grown in soil, there is no leaching of chemicals into the ground. Used water goes to a cattle field, where it fertilizes the grass, so it is used in other production, he said.