Tanimura & Antle, Salinas, Calif., has plans to increase its market share in Canada, hiring Martin Desrochers and Terry Lindemann, two well-known names in Canadian retail and foodservice circles.

Desrochers, who left his family’s hydroponic lettuce company, HydroSerre Mirabel Inc., last fall after five years as president, oversees all of Tanimura & Antle’s retail and foodservice sales efforts in Canada. He joined Tanimura & Antle earlier this year, although the company did not formally announce his role in managing Canadian sales and marketing services until Aug. 20. Desrochers is based in Montreal.

Tanimura & Antle launches Canadian expansion

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Tanimura & Antle, Salinas, Calif., seeks to expand its market share in Canada with two notable hires, Martin Desrochers and Terry Lindemann. Desrochers, left, is shown with Tanimura & Antle chief executive officer Rick Antle at the Canadian Produce Marketing Association conference in May 2007, when Antle announced a partnership with Hydroserre Mirabel Inc., Desrochers' former company.

Lindemann, whose experience includes more than 30 years working with Bridge Brand Food Service, Markon Cooperative and Gordon Food Service, joined Tanimura & Antle in early August, according to a news release. He is based in Calgary, and will focus on retailers in western Canada and foodservice sales throughout the country.

The Packer awarded Desrochers its Canadian Produce Man of the Year in 2006, and Lindemann received the same recognition in 1999, when he was senior manager of the produce division for Bridge Brand Food Service, Calgary.

 â€œWe think it’s a great fit for us,” chief executive officer Rick Antle said of the two men’s experience in the industry.

Tanimura & Antle launches Canadian expansion


Their presence, Antle said, ensures the company’s Canadian customers are covered and can meet regularly with them.

When Desrochers left HydroSerre Mirabel, he cited a production problem that resulted in a crop loss that took the company out of the lettuce market for two months. That would require his attention be focused almost exclusively on production.

“That's really not my cup of tea,” Desrochers told The Packer at the time, stating his focus is on business development and sales relationships.

Through HydroSerre Mirabel, Desrochers has worked with Tanimura and Antle in the past. In May 2007, the two companies, along with Mexican

greenhouse grower NEXT, announced a partnership that would provide customers with year-round supplies of lettuce in clamshells with the root ball still attached.

The company said adding Desrochers and Lindemann is another way to meet the demands of the Canadian market in addition to its new products released over the past year including Artisan Lettuce, Artisan Sweet Red Onions, and Living Lettuce. Antle also recently joined the Canadian Produce Marketing Association’s board of directors.